Enhanced Integration with Data-Vision

Press Release:

Delivering Superior Web Services to the Point-of-Sale

ASC’s PowerLender LOS platform and Data-Vision’s LoanQuoter communicate through powerful web services to provide critical online lending solutions to the point-of-sale. These web services enhance the customer experience in many ways. For example:

  • Up-to-date rate and eligibility information is available to borrowers looking to prequalify or apply. By entering only a few pieces of information into a secure LoanQuoter webpage, PowerLender immediately returns current pricing information for all products and programs for which the borrower is eligible.
  • Data entered by a potential Borrower on a lender’s consumer-facing LoanQuoter webpage is transferred seamlessly into PowerLender and automatically populates the loan application. There’s no need to re-generate or re-enter the data. This saves times and reduces errors while improving the customer experience.
  • Wanting to check the status of a loan, a borrower logs into the lender’s LoanQuoter web portal to see how the loan is progressing. Via web services, this enhanced solution delivers immediate, up-to-the-minute status reports to the borrower.