Loan Tech Business Analyst Career Opportunity

Associated Software Consultants, Inc. (ASC) is an 18-person developer and marketer of software and support services for the residential, consumer and commercial lending industry. We are located right off I-71 in Middleburg Heights, an easy commute from much of Cleveland and its western suburbs.

Our PowerLender® Loan Origination System (LOS) automates the process of making mortgage, home equity, consumer and commercial loans. PowerLender is well respected by community banks, housing agencies and specialty lenders for its flexibility, functionality and longevity. It’s a product we’re all very proud of.

ASC is a fairly typical small-company high-tech environment, usually pretty low-key, but we work with banks so we go “corporate” now and then. Our competition is fairly stiff, but we continue to thrive as a small, privately held company. With an onslaught of regulatory mandates now behind us, our future plans call for growth.

About a third of our staff is directly charged with supporting our customers’ PowerLender systems. That would be your primary role as a Business Analyst. Business Analysts work closely with PowerLender end-users, ASC software developers and ASC’s third-party business partners. Much of the time you will be working on projects in support of client PowerLender systems. You’ll be handling phone calls and emails as well as assisting with our ongoing QA process. In time you’ll be helping new clients with implementations, configuration and training.

PowerLender is a rules-based application which allows it to be configured to each individual client’s specifications and business model. Much of this rules-based configuration is done by ASC Business Analysts during startup or implementation and nearly all of the ongoing client support effort entails further configuration of these business rules. The beauty of PowerLender is that each lender has the same core programs, but because of the use of business rules, each has a unique, customized system. PowerLender embodies flexibility without programming.

Ultimately, the job synthesizes four capabilities: (1) a working knowledge of mortgage, consumer and small business lending, (2) reasonable computer aptitude, (3) good logical skills and (4) interpersonal and communication skills. You’ll take a very sophisticated software application (PowerLender), customize it to the specific needs of each particular lender and continue to satisfy their requirements on an ongoing basis.

Of the four capabilities you need to succeed here, the two we like to see walking in the door are the working knowledge of lending and the interpersonal skills. We find that most people these days already have sufficient computer and logical skills. We will teach you the specifics of the PowerLender application, or maybe it’s best to say, you’ll learn it.

It will take about a month or two for you to become proficient enough to help us out with our customer service backlog. During your training you will be assigned basic projects until you are ready to manage your own. These would include things like designing custom data-entry screens, printed forms and reports. But as you become more proficient, the tasks become less routine and more challenging. It takes about a year to become an old hand at it. It’s not quick.

This job requires some travel, and generally it’s within driving distance. Sometimes it’s further and requires flights and stays of up to a weeks’ duration. As we said, it’s not that frequent but it is imperative that you be willing to travel. If you cannot travel at all, you cannot help us. Sorry.

If your career goals favor an interesting meld of lending knowledge and high tech, along with a small company environment, this might be the job for you. We pay fairly and our benefits are generous. We try to have fun and reduce the stress that can happen in a fast-paced environment. The application process will be rather conventional; it has to be. But we will encourage you to ask questions and take a look around. We want someone who fits in, can really help out and, like ASC, will be around for a while.

Thank you for your interest.